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Elegant Portables 6x3m


We at Elegant portables strive on affordability, efficiency, sustainability, and to aid our customers. Elegant portables are based on the quality of workmanship and materials which are all Australia made to Australian standards. You can easily set them up wherever you want, we offer portable cabins that can become your home.

We at Elegant portables maintain our reputation on quality by doing things correctly and to engineering


With Elegant portables you get a portable home with a high grade steel welded chasy that helps reduce twisting and warping.


Have you ever wanted to add value to your house, or thought about giving your teenage sons or daughters or Nanna or pop some space? Our portable homes are an affordable alternative for these reasons and many more, and the cost in at 60% less of the cost you pay for a new home.

Manufacturer Guarantee

It protects you against your portable building steel structure guarantee for 25 years, the frame structure guarantee for 10 years, all manufactured from our local Australian suppliers and we guarantee that they are built to Australian standards.

Some of our Happy Customers

We are over the moon!! Words can’t describe how happy and grateful we are. It is so incredibly amazing… It’s better than we ever imagined. Thank you so so so much. The quality of finish and attention to detail is outstanding, actually unbelievable. Not to mention the presentation! From start to finish the entire experience was flawless. You are truly creating something special... thank you once again!

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Elegant Portables to strive to be the best in quality and workmanship in the Portable Building and Cabin Industry. It is critical to our mission that we provide a high level of service to our customers by doing our job professionally, on time every time. We will continue to differentiate ourselves from the competition through innovation and continuous improvement.


A smart buyer does his or her own due diligence.  Because we appreciate the time it takes to pick and purchase the best product, we hope that what we say makes great sense, and that in your own defining moment, you choose Elegant portables to provide an exceptional product, one that you can be truly proud of for years to come.


People today are less attached to traditional home and building styles and are exploring new and different options. Investing in portable cabins will let you explore a variety of ways to best use your square footage. It all begins with understanding the different styles available to you and figuring out what you really want from your cabin.

Elegant Portable provides innovative products together with Australian-made materials and advanced construction methods.

 Our mission is to furnish low-cost options to first-class cabins to our consumer’s needs in a rapid-paced, ever-changing market. At Elegant Portable Cabins, we want to support and shape a greater, more effective product that recycles materials even as delivering sustainable, moveable portable cabins.

We centre our attention on sustainability, affordability, and efficiency to service our consumers. When you want a workplace, an art studio, a youngster’s retreat or an area to appoint out as an Investment to boost your income, talk to Elegant portables. Our options are simplest limited by means of your imagination. We are able to make the impossible feasible irrespective of how much land you have got to be had.

It’s essential to us to contribute to portable cabins whilst making sure the long-time period success of our business. Elegant Portable Cabins building solutions to fulfil your expectations inside your budget.

Talk to us now about your desires. We are here to aid.

We offer a unique and personal approach to providing engineered structures.

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with products that are StrongerSmarterFaster, and More Affordable.

Our buildings are exceptionally stylish, smart, flexible, and attractive Portable cabins that are designed to sustain outstanding living and working conditions in almost any location.  

we are able to offer very competitive prices on superior products - so you save time and money without sacrificing design and product quality.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat, a cosy granny flat or a stylish, elegant portable, we offer you everything you need to create your dream cabin.


Quick Installation

When we have completed your Portable Cabin, it is time for delivery.

They are also manufactured to high quality, made to withstand Cyclones With Rating WC60 and keeping you comfortable. Custom-built to your requirements, a Portable Building can immediately solve your space problems.


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